Ground Services

IAJ′s motto is Total Flight Support because we provide a comprehensive range of services with professionalism and attention to customer service. We′ll arrange permits in advance, provide your crew with operational support, service your aircraft, and ensure that your passengers feel at home.

Advance Flight Support
Slots and Parking

Just let us know which airport you′ll be serving, your preferred time slot (arrival/departure times), and aircraft details and we′ll work with the airport authorities to confirm your schedule and reserve a parking spot (SLOT and SPOT applications). You may submit flight details using our Inquiry Form. Operating schedules and permit processing time vary from airport to airport, so we encourage you to advise your intentions as early as possible.

Permit Applications

For Business Jets or foreign charter aircraft to land at any Japanese airport, an Operating Permit may be required. We submit applications for these permits to the CAA in Japan on behalf of the clients. The application must be submitted at least 3 business days before the flight operation date for business charter flights, and at least 10 days in advance of any passenger charter or cargo charter flight. Details may be submitted with our Inquiry Form.

Flight Operation Support
On-site Supervisory Services

IAJ′s supervisory service provides comprehensive oversight of your operation. In addition to taking care of basic ground handling, IAJ will manage the activities of all ground service providers on behalf of your airline. Our team of professionals will anticipate and prevent irregularities, and ensure that your ground operations in Japan proceed smoothly.

ATC Flight Plan

We′ll file your ATC FPL in a timely manner. We can also provide detailed AIP information such as airport restrictions and recommended routes from each airport (i.e. STAR/SID etc).

Weather Data

We provide the latest weather information and forecasts needed for safe flight operations, including wind conditions en-route and at departure and arrival locations, provided by authorities in Japan and other agencies.


We provide crews with NOTAMs (Notice to Airmen) and other notices of operational importance, including AIPs and AICs, at every airport of operation in Japan.

Ground Handling
Aircraft Service

We provide comprehensive ground handling services at most of Japan′s airports. At RJTT and RJAA we service aircraft exclusively with our own resources, and plan to expand the service other airports in the near future.

VIPs and Crew Escort

Our hospitality professionals escort passengers and crew smoothly through the airport terminal prior to departure and after arrival. Our fleet of service vehicles includes buses, vans, and luxury sedans. Lean more here.


We arrange in-flight meals though a network of food service companies, contracted caterers and hotel catering services. Tokyo′s major airports offer a full range of catering options, while at smaller regional airports hotels are the only option to arrange deluxe catering.


We arrange fuel at the best possible prices at airports throughout Japan for both domestic and international flights. We coordinate with into-plane agents to ensure smooth refueling. Learn more here.

Hotels and Ground Transportation

We can secure hotels and arrange transportation for passengers and crew upon request. Learn more here.

Diplomatic Flights

Since its founding, IAJ has occupied a leading position in the Japanese business jet industry, and has earned an unparalleled reputation for quality and professionalism in its handling of diplomatic flights. Our operational specialists work in close coordination with all associated government authorities (Embassies, Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Transport) to support each flight and ensure that it successfully completes its mission.

Air Ambulance

InterAviation Japan is one of Japan′s leading providers of services to air-ambulance operators and risk management companies. Our clients appreciate our strengths: our experience, our staff, and our attention to detail. For twenty years we have been handling business jets at airports throughout Japan, including Tokyo′s Haneda (RJTT) and Narita (RJAA) airports. Our staff is highly trained, multi-lingual, and fully compliant with our stringent testing regimen for COVID-19. We own and operate our own equipment and vehicles, which allows us better serve our clients′ particular requirements.