Offering Efficiency & Cost-Saving!

Our aviation fuel services, covering ad-hoc, seasonal and private operations, offer you efficiency and cost-saving throughout Japan locations, being contracted with the network of trusted fuel suppliers & into-plane agents.

IAJ is your single point of contact, our professionals of the designated team are always ready to provide the latest fuel pricing to meet your requirements.

Comprehensive Fuel Services

IAJ’s designated team has built up a diversified portfolio of suppliers to continuously offer competitive pricing and quotations on monthly basis.

  • Competitive pricing
  • Refueling capabilities throughout Japan over 50 locations
  • Comprehensive liability insurance
  • Tax advisory and recovery services
Customer Oriented Services

IAJ also ensures timely, reliable and efficient fuel supply, being in close contact with our suppliers, which is the most important for smooth refueling in Japan.

To request pricing inquiry or make a booking, contact us.