Charter Services

Let IAJ take care of the details!

Planning a charter flight operation into Japan can be a daunting task. Operating permits must be issued, slots reserved, and language barriers bridged. This is what IAJ does best. For twenty years we′ve been managing passenger, cargo, and business jet charter flights, and we′ll ensure that your flights operates smoothly, on-time, and will utmost attention to customer service.

Business/Private Charter Flights

IAJ is a leading provider of services to business jet and private charter operators throughout Japan. We′ll of course take care of the technical and regulatory details, but it is our customized service and attention to detail that sets IAJ apart. We′ll roll out the red carpet for your passengers, ensure your crew is rested and briefed, and address all our your aircraft′s service needs.
*Note that business charter flight operating permit applications must be submitted at least three days prior to arrival.

Passenger Charter Flights

Tour operators operating charter flights know to call on IAJ to handle all their operational needs. We also have extensive experience chartering aircraft from various air carriers to operate service to destinations worldwide. Our team of professionals will expedite check-in, baggage handling and CIQ clearance so your clients spend less time at the airport and more time sightseeing.
*Note that applications for passenger charter flight operating permits must be submitted at least ten days prior to arrival.

Cargo Charter Flights

IAJ handles cargo operations, ramp service and acts as a the Japan cargo agent for S7 Airlines, Yakutia Airlines and Okay Airways, as well as for other carriers that do not serve Japan on a regular basis. We prepare all permit applications on behalf of agents and operators.
* Note that operating permit applications must be submitted at least ten days prior to the date of operation for cargo charter flights.