IAJ will submit permit applications to the Japanese Civil Aviation Bureau on your behalf. To initiate the process, we will need you to supply the operator and aircraft details, a detailed itinerary and schedule, the flight number, crew and passenger details, and advise the purpose of the trip.

Landing Permit

Landing permits are required for charter operators but not for non-revenue, private flights. In order to apply for a permit on your behalf, you need to provide IAJ a detailed passenger manifest (APIS), crew list and license detail, aircraft certificates, and your itinerary details.

Domestic Flight Permit

Segments flown on domestic Japanese routes are known as cabotage flights and are subject to stringent regulation. For example, a passenger may not be permitted to fly on just the domestic segment of flight that originated overseas; however, if the passenger was on the international segment of the flight he may continue on the same aircraft on its onward domestic leg. When applying for permits to operate a cabotage flight, it is important to specify the exact routing, the routing of crew and passengers, and include a copy of the charter agreement.  IAJ will work with your operations team to assess options and facilitate permits.

Special Flight Permit

Additional permits may be required for certain types of flight operations, including cabotage/domestic flights, emergency medical flights, military and diplomatic flights. Allow at least three days to process applications for charter flights, whether they are entirely international, or haven a domestic segment. Permits for emergency medical flights can be processed quickly but details about the passenger’s condition are required. Overflight permits are for some flights and may take up to ten days to process. When we receive your inquiry with aircraft particulars we’ll advise whether an overflight permit is required.