On these pages we compile detailed information to help you plan your next flight operation into Japan.

Airport Information

IAJ provides comprehensive ground handling and VIP services at airports throughout Japan. Here operators will find valuable information necessary to plan a successful operation into Japan’s leading airports. Details about services at other airports is available upon request.


Depending on your plans and flight classification, permits for overflights, landing, and/or domestic (cabotage) flights may be required. In some cases, additional special permits will also be required. Review this page to learn permitting requirements, or contact us for details.


At most airports in Japan, business jet and charter passengers are required to clear Customs and Immigration in the main terminal. The business jet terminals at some airports are available for private clearance upon request and for an additional fee. IAJ staff can streamline the process.

Airport Charges

Charges set by the Japanese government include landing fees, parking fees, air navigation fees, and CIQ fees. Charges vary from airport to airport. Find the specifics on this page, or contact us for an itemized cost estimate for your planned operation into Japan.