海关・出入境・检疫 (CIQ)


日本国财政部的国家税务局已经开始征收国际旅客税 。日本政府正在努力加强本国的旅游基础设施的建设,以使日本成为世界最好的十一旅游的国度。
此外,日本海关也加强了对所有海外航班乘客和机组人员信息的提前申报 。在未来几年内,日本将陆续举行世界范围的大型活动,如奥运会、世博会。该举措有助于防范航空恐怖主义事件的发生,维护航班的安全运行。

关于烟草税提高的相关信息 (2020年10月份开始实施)




In order to enter Japan, regardless of nationality, passengers will need to do the following:
Present Inspection Certificate
Passengers are required to present a certificate of negative COVID-19 test conducted within 72 hours prior to departure from the country/region where travel originated. Since March 19, 2021, Quarantine Law prohibits passengers from remaining in Japan if they do not present a negative-test certificate. Only test certificates that contain valid specimens and test methods will be accepted. *Valid Format of Certificate here.
Passengers will be asked to pledge not to use public transportation for 14 days, to stay at home or in accommodation, to save and present their location information, and to install a contact confirmation application etc. The passengers, who stayed in the countries and regions within the last 14 days designated by the quarantine station, will be asked to stay for 10 days as maximum at an accommodation facility secured by the quarantine station. If passengers are unable to submit this pledge, they may be declined to enter Japan. If passengers violate the pledge, in addition to being subject to suspension measures based on the Quarantine Law, they may be subject to the following
(1) If passengers are Japanese, their name and information that may contribute to the prevention of the spread of infection may be publicized.
(2) If passengers are a resident status holder, their name, nationality, and information that may contribute to the prevention of the spread of infection may be publicized. Passengers may also be subject to revocation of their status of residence and deportation proceedings.
In order to fulfill the obligations in the written pledge, passengers need to have a smartphone on which the necessary applications (e.g., showing location information) can be installed. *Details and FAQ here.
If a passenger does not own a smartphone or he owns a smartphone that does not allow the installation of necessary apps, he is required to rent a smartphone at the airport at his own expense upon arriving in Japan.
Submit Questionnaire
Contact information such as email address and phone number will be confirmed at the time of quarantine for health follow-up during the first 14 days after entry.
NEW:Valid Vaccination Certificate (Optional)

If you submit a copy of a valid vaccination certificate at the time of entry into Japan, 3-day waiting period in the accommodation of the government will be exempt, and part of the 14-day waiting period after entry will be shortened. Vaccination certificate must meet the requirements. Please be sure to check the details. *FAQ here.
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