Olympics-2022: Connect to Beijing via Japan

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The 24th Winter Olympic Games are to be held at venues in and around Beijing February 4-20, 2022. Operators planning business jet or charter flights to Beijing may wish to consider a fueling stop in Japan en route.

IAJ is well positioned to provide support for transit operations at any of Japan’s major airports. RJTT, RJAA, RJBB operate around the clock and are recommended for routine operations. If tech stops are required in Northern or Southern Japan, RJCC (New Chitose, Hokkaido) and ROAH (Naha, Okinawa) are excellent options, but curfews limit hours of operation and advance notice is required.

In the summer of 2021, IAJ handled numerous flights at Tokyo for athletes, national teams and VIPs traveling to participate in and attend the Olympic Games. Among others, IAJ handed aircraft for the Olympic teams of Kuwait, Venezuela, and Kazakhstan.

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