COVID – 19: Traveling Safely to Japan. Updated January, 2022

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The Japanese government and aviation authorities monitor the risks posed by Covid-19 on an ongoing basis and periodically update regulations and restrictions pertaining to air travel. Following are some of the most recent changes:

  • SUSPENDED: Issuance of tourist visas and routine travel by foreign nationals have been temporarily suspended by the Japanese government. The Visa Waiver program has been suspended for some nationalities. Citizens of the US, Canada and some other nations may still travel without a visa, but under very stringent terms (the purpose of travel must be justified to immigration authorities, tourism not permitted; details here
  • QUARANTINE UPDATE: Citizens and residents of Japan may continue to enter Japan but travelers from specific countries are subject to quarantine for 3-10 days in accommodation arranged by the quarantine office. Quarantine duration varies by country – details may be found via links and attachments at the bottom of this page

Passengers must comply with stringent requirements before departure, upon arrival and after arrival. For details, see the following link: and

Crew requirements remain unchanged: Crew names must be entered in the GenDec, each crewmember must hold a valid passport and crew ID, each must have a negative PCR test certificate issued within the past 72 hours and undergo another PCR test upon arrival, and are not permitted to use public transportation.

If you are planning a flight operation into Japan, contact us for the latest information.

Entry Restrictions

The Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs regularly updates its requirements for entry into Japan on a country-by-country basis. We recommend you carefully review the latest update here to see if travel bans or quarantine requirements apply to your crews and passengers.


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