IAJ to Handle COVID-19 Vaccines at RJAA

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IAJ is building a strategic partnership with IACT at Tokyo’s Narita airport (RJAA).

InterAviation Japan (IAJ) is honored to partner with International Air Cargo Terminal Co. Ltd. (IACT) to facilitate the transportation of COVID-19 vaccines through Tokyo’s Narita (RJAA) airport. IACT recently received certification from IATA’s CEIV Pharma, a program designed to prepare the aviation industry to transport temperature-controlled and time-sensitive products, including vaccines, in compliance with the requirements of pharmaceutical manufacturers. The IAJ-IACT strategic partnership will provide a critical link in the supply chain of the COVID-19 vaccines that will be transiting Japan’s airports in large quantities over the coming months.


IACT’s Cargo Climate Control Terminal (CCC Terminal) at Narita Airport is one of the largest in the Japanese airport system. Photo Courtesy: IACT

IACT was founded in 1965 and operates facilities at RJAA, including a 2500 square meter climate controlled cargo terminal; it is one of the largest in Japan. The facility was built in 2018 to meet the growing demand for the transportation of pharmaceuticals.

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