IAJ: Serving Air Ambulances During the Pandemic

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IAJ coordinates repatriation of COVID-19 patients through RJTT and RJAA in strict compliance with government safety protocols.

The international air ambulance industry has been significantly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic; operators must handle an uptick in the number of patients requiring repatriation through Japanese airports while complying with increasingly stringent regulations designed to prevent the spread of the disease. Choice of the right ground-handler and aviation services provider is critical in ensuring that every patient gets to his destination efficiently and safely.

InterAviation Japan is one of Japan’s leading providers of services to air-ambulance operators and risk management companies. Our clients appreciate our strengths: our experience, our staff, and our attention to detail. For twenty year we have been handling business jets at airports throughout Japan, including Tokyo’s Haneda (RJTT) and Narita (RJAA) airports. Our staff is highly trained, multi-lingual, and fully compliant with our stringent testing regimen for COVID-19. We own and operate our own equipment and vehicles, which allows us better serve our clients’ particular requirements.

In a medical emergency, when time is of the essence and efficiency is critical, you need a partner you can rely on. To learn more about IAJ or to submit an inquiry, please contact us.

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