IAJ to Celebrate 20 Years of Service in 2020

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One of IAJ’s early GSA clients was Vladivostok Air with which it partnered to operate charters between Japan and major Russian Far East cities, as well as from Kamchatka, Russia, to Alaska, USA.

In 2020, InterAviation Japan (IAJ) will mark 20 years of serving the aviation community in Japan. The company’s client portfolio includes the military, commercial airlines and private charters, but it places particular importance on optimizing the quality of service it provides to business jet operators and their clients.

IAJ is the preferred Japanese handler for many foreign airlines, and serves at the General Service Agent (GSA) for many of them. In this role is not only processes passengers and ground-handles flights, but also markets the airlines’ services, sells tickets, arranges permits and represents the airline Japanese government authorities. Clients have included Yakutia Airways (Russian), Air Transat (Canada), Siberian Airlines (S7), Okay Airways (China), Vladivostok Air (Russia), Uzbekistan Airlines (Uzbekistan), and Aerologic (Germany), among others.

Mr. Ben Hada, Client Service Account Manager for IAJ, notes that the experience as a GSA gives it a particular advantage over competitors in serving business jets. “Providing GSA services generates excellent opportunities for our staff to train and acquire specialized knowledge about aviation. Once they have achieved a high level of expertise and customer service skills we allow them to work with our business aviation customers,” notes Mr. Hada. Business jet operators may be confident that their aircraft, crew and passengers will be met only by experienced staff trained in operations, aircraft handling, security and passenger service.

To learn more about IAJ’s clients and range of services, see its HISTORY page.

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