2019 Rugby World Cup

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Japan is hosting Asia’s first Rugby World Cup.

Japan is hosting Asia’s first Rugby World Cup

This year Japan is hosting Asia’s first Rugby World Cup. Twenty teams will participate in 48 matches over the course of seven weeks. Relative newcomers to the sport, like Georgia, Russia and Uruguay will face off against established teams from England, Australia, Scotland and Tonga. 2019 will mark Japan’s 9th year competing. The tournament will take place at 12 host cities across Japan, with the opening match taking place at Ajinomoto Stadium in Chofu, Tokyo, on September 20.

Japan’s Rugby World Cup to draw 400,000 foreign visitors

This major sporting event is expected to draw 400,000 foreign visitors, many of whom will be traveling via business jet and charter plane. Japan is taking its role as host very seriously: planners from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport, and the aviation industry are taking measures to ensure that the influx of fans will be processed through regional airports efficiently. Among other things, CIQ (Customs, Immigration & Quarantine) staffing will be increased, and, the number of parking spots for general aviation aircraft will be increased at major airports.

Welcome to Japan

Japan is also certain to make guests feel very welcome. Japan has established a reputation for excellent customer service and quality at every pricing level, the diversity of its popular sites and activities rivals that of much large countries. The number of foreign visitors to Japan has been increasing at an extraordinary rate. Over the past five years (2013-2018) the number of travelers has increased from 10.36 million to 31.19 million – an increase of over 200%. Accordingly, Japan will be ready to welcome visitors to the Rugby World Cup, as well as the Olympics in 2020.

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