Mr. Dash Hada, President, InterAviation Japan

InterAviation Japan (IAJ) is grateful to our many clients over the years who have entrusted the care of their passengers, crew, aircraft and business operations to us. Among them: individuals, corporations, airlines and aircraft operators large and small, the military, and national governments.

Since IAJ commenced providing basic aircraft handling services in 2000, its range of services has grown to include expanded ramp operations, VIP care, tourism, charter sales, cargo handling, and facilitating of comprehensive regulatory compliance with aviation authorities and airport operators. IAJ has built diverse capabilities and is dedicated to provide high quality services with the flexibility and a competitive cost structure. These factors have ensured that our clients constantly receive dedicated professional services with the personalized care that they deserve and expect, thus have been instrumental in the significant expansion of our customer base and the steady increase of our revenues over our twenty years in business.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, IAJ has continued to provide critical aviation support services; among other activities, we have served more air ambulances and facilitated operations for more air freight flights than ever before. We will soon establish multiple bases of operation throughout Japan, with dedicated teams and facilities, to become the industry’s leading FBO operator. We sincerely welcome the opportunity to provide Japanese quality services and solutions to our clients in the decades to come.


InterAviation Japan (IAJ) is dedicated to serving your aircraft, your crews and your passengers. Over the past 20 years, we have handled more than 3,000 flights at Tokyo’s Haneda and Narita airports, and at other major airports throughout Japan.

Whether you’re visiting Japan by business jet, arranging a military or diplomatic flight, or operating a commercial passenger service, IAJ has the necessary equipment, facilities, and staff to ensure that the your operation is efficient, cost-effective, and fully compliant.


IAJ is a proud member of the T-Life Holdings &
Taihei Company travel group.

What People Are Saying About InterAviation Japan

"I really wanted to point us the professional attitude and perfect performance from the handliing guys there. They did not lose a single minute of our time in anything at all, and since the moment they picked us up in front of the hotel we did not even realize how smooth and easy we made it to the aircraft, and same way they were taking care of pax and keeping us in the loop every step."Emperor Aviation, GL5T Captain at RJTT
"Outstanding. The service was perfect."Tarona Limited, GLF5 VIP Flight Captain at RJTT
"Without your support, our mission would not be possible".Royal Canadian Air Force Commander at RJCH
"Support was perfect. Thanks."Hinson Corporate Flight Services Inc., GLF6 Flight Captain at RJAA